Montag, 15. Juli 2013

Great Plans For A Great Tour

This summer I want to make real what I dreamt of for some time already. Well, the dreams were more about cheap flying to Faro in Algarve and hitchhiking all the way back to Germany as much as possible along the Mediterranian coast. 
Now see how my plans developped while playing with GoogleMaps:

It'll take whole August for that trip. Plans for each day are as follows (slight changes possible):
1 starting in Bonn heading over Mons to Paris for couchsurfing
2 Paris for couchsurfing
3 starting in Paris heading over Le Mans and Angers to Nantes and Bordeaux for couchsurfing
4 Bordeaux for couchsurfing
5 starting in Bordeaux heading to Bilbao, Santander, Santiago for couchsurfing
6 starting in Santiago heading to Porto and Lisbon for couchsurfing
7 Porto/Lisbon for couchsurfing
8 starting in Lisbon heading to the Algarve meeting up with some friends
9 staying with friends in the Algarve
10 staying with friends in the Algarve
11 starting from the Algarve heading to Huelva, Sevilla, Jerez for couchsurfing
12 starting from Jerez heading to Cadiz, Gibraltar and Malaga for couchsurfing
13 starting from Malaga heading either to Granada or staying at the coast until Murcia
14 starting from Murcia heading to Valencia
15 starting from Valencia heading to Barcelona
16 starting from Barcelona heading to Perpignan, Montpellier and Arles
17 starting from Arles heading to Marseille, Toulon and Cannes
18 staying on a friend's boat close to Cannes
19 staying on a friend's boat close to Monaco
20 starting from Monaco heading to Genova,Torino and Milano
21 starting from Milano heading to Verona and Venezia
22 starting from Venezia heading to Trieste, Zadar, Split
23 starting from Split heading to Ulcinij
24 starting from Ulcinij heading to Sarajevo and Zagreb
25 starting from Zagreb heading to Graz and Vienna
26 starting from Vienna heading to Bratislava, Brno and Praha
27 starting from Praha heading to Nürnberg, Frankfurt and finally Bonn
28 buffer
29 buffer
30 buffer
31 buffer

While thinking about my trip I think about whether taking a small tent or not, about buying a hammock for sleeping outside and about buying a folding bike which would be heavy baggage while walking but which would make me more independent from finding the best places for being picked up all by feet and from frustration while waiting for cars.

If the trip is is way different
from my calculation I'll start to go back to Bonn from Milano or Venezia maybe.